Shelterbelt Program

The Federal Government Program through "PFRA" ended in the spring of 2013.  The M.D. of Smoky River, realizing the environmental importance of continuing to have trees planted devised our own program with the cooperation of Woodmere Nurseries in Fairview.  The program is cost-recovery, Woodmere grows seedlings and makes them available through the M.D. to our ratepayers, as well as residents of the Towns and Villages within the M.D.  In 2014 we made available white spruce and lodgepole pine.  For 2015 Woodmere grew some additional species for us on a contract basis, we were able to add vilosa lilac, siberian larch and blue spruce to our list of seedlings available.  The program sold out of our allocation of lilac and larch.

For 2016 we again order 1,000 each of siberican larch, and lilac and Woodmere will also make available 500 each of Northwest poplar and Golden willow, as well as 300 Golden ash.  Woodmere has also planted 500 Silver buffaloberry however we are uncertain if they will be ready to go for the spring of 2016.  For this reason we are only taking "interest" orders on the Silver buffaloberry.  Once we know for certain if they will be available we will contact those who expressed interest.

In addition, we are taking "interest" orders on plastic mulch.  If sufficient people express interest we will bring the mulch in to the M.D., we hope to save our residents significantly on freight costs if a group order can be put together.  The plastic mulch would come in rolls of 1500' by 4' wide.  It is a biodegradable plastic which last approx. 5 years, the mulch helps discourage weed growth and prevents evaporation, keeping moisture in the ground for the seedlings.  Research has shown significantly better establishment of seedlings were mulch is used.  Each roll will cost approx. $150.  The M.D. has available a mulch applicator and seedling planter pdf (see the link for our rental equipment) (232 KB).  Both work extremely well when planting seedlings in rows, the soil should be loose (tilled) so fall preparation is best.

The species being grown on allocation are available on a first come first served basis, and we fully expect they will all be spoken for.  So even though we will accept orders until mid-May when Woodmere then prepares the seedlings for pickup, if you desire any of the blue spruce, siberian larch, lilac, northwest poplar, golden willow or golden ash or are interested in the silver buffaloberry, it would be best to bring your order form in as soon as you can.  You can download the form here, the form and payment must be brought to the M.D. Administration building in Falher with payment.

Contact the Agricultural Fieldman if you have any questions of the program, or seedlings species which we are making available at 780-837-2221 ext: 115.

Job Opportunities

pdf Summer Temporary Employment Program (105 KB)

Interested persons should contact

M.D. of Smoky River No. 130
Box 210
Falher, Alberta
T0H 1M0

Phone: (780) 837-2221
Fax: (780) 837-2453
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 Available Grants

pdf Recreation Capital Funding Program (79 KB)

pdf Cemeteries Grant Funding (45 KB)

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